Welcome to the Syndicate Gaming Network SourceBans page. 

Some important information:

  1. A ban on one server reflects on all servers, regardless of the ban length or what server a player was banned on.
  2. Banning will only occur when players break the rules.
  3. You may appeal a ban by visiting our forum's Complaint Department and writing an appeal topic. Be civil when writing; flaming and immaturity will NOT help your case.
  4. We will also accept submitted bans with demos/screenshots only. There's nothing we can do without evidence.
  5. Admins are required to have evidence for bans they submit, or viable witnesses. No evidence if an appeal is filed will lead to a removal of bans, and possibly of admin privleges.
  6. To submit a report please register on our forums and create a thread in the Complaint Department.
  7. Any questions, contact support via the forums.

Visit our forums @ www.joinsg.net.


[Current Admin Restrictions]:


If you feel your admin was restricted unfairly, or want to appeal your restriction, please post in the Complaint Department on our forums, or you can contact the following staff members to resolve your admin restriction (via PM on the forums). Contact Ctark for all paying/subscription admins and contact Mimic for all SO/rank admins.

MOD OS VAC Hostname Players Map
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Latest Added Bans Total bans: 89152
MOD Date/Time Name Length
MOD 11/14/19-8:32PM ♞ 1 hr (E)
MOD 11/14/19-7:59PM Steve Jobs 5 min (E)
MOD 11/14/19-7:40PM Booblei 1 hr (E)
MOD 11/14/19-7:40PM Booblei 1 hr (E)
MOD 11/13/19-8:07PM SCary Permanent
MOD 11/13/19-7:25PM Spoonful Permanent
MOD 11/13/19-6:48PM ! Paul 1 hr (E)
MOD 11/13/19-2:09PM VIRTUALIZE™ Permanent
MOD 11/12/19-9:51PM dev1ce Permanent
MOD 11/10/19-1:26AM Hakuna Matata 1 hr (E)

Latest Players Blocked Total Stopped: 87833
  Date/Time Name
Blocked Player 11/14/19-7:25PM global frfr
Blocked Player 11/14/19-1:45PM Widebrain
Blocked Player 11/13/19-11:41PM Spooks
Blocked Player 11/13/19-11:36PM Dr. Krieger
Blocked Player 11/13/19-6:50PM Bganio
Blocked Player 11/12/19-11:00PM ibn cotch
Blocked Player 11/11/19-4:40PM Rel Henwi
Blocked Player 11/10/19-7:41PM SkulsterDulster
Blocked Player 11/10/19-1:46AM KungFuKanga
Blocked Player 11/10/19-1:29AM Vladimir Chubbakjenko
Latest Comm Blocks Total blocks: 31057
Type Date/Time Name Length
MOD 11/3/19-3:57PM Syphher 30 min (E)
MOD 11/3/19-3:56PM Syphher 30 min (E)
MOD 11/3/19-3:52PM Bappo 5 min (E)
MOD 11/3/19-3:50PM Syphher 5 min (E)
MOD 10/21/19-10:58PM dumbo mcgumbo 5 min (E)
MOD 10/20/19-5:50PM bp gasoline 5 min (U)
MOD 10/20/19-5:50PM bp gasoline 5 min (U)
MOD 10/14/19-9:58PM Tyzing 5 min (E)
MOD 10/13/19-9:33PM Qwerty 5 min (E)
MOD 10/13/19-3:34PM Unknown 10 min (E)